NFT2040 – Best Play To Earn Game

NFT2040 – Best Play To Earn Game

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NFT2040. The financial system has failed. Nation-based reserve currencies have collapsed under hyperinflation, causing governments to fall. After months of global riots and looting, NFT squads now control the world, establishing Ethereum as the world currency. The Funding Fathers of the new world have created a new concept: The Arena.

Drop your own humanoid NFT avatar onto the Arena and compete to be the last fighter standing, using a wide range of weapons, from handguns to bombs, air support, laser guns, or special community attacks. You have the choice between two modes. Casual, or play to earn. You don’t have a 3D avatar but want to fight in the arena ? A stock in-game 3D avatar will be available to all crate owners.

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NFT2040 – Best Play To Earn Game

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