Land of Conquest – Best Blockchain Game

Land of Conquest – Best Blockchain Game

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Land of Conquest is a brand new blockchain MMOSLG game carefully crafted by a professional game development team in the world of the apocalyptic wasteland.

The gameplay is innovative, and an economic model is added to the standard gameplay, creating a game concept of “play while earning”, namely “Play To Earn”. At the technical level, the DAO+NFTS model is a very innovative breakthrough for decentralized community governance and player identity recognition. Drive innovation in the genre by giving players the opportunity to truly own and operate the worlds they occupy.

For the game itself, players need to use a variety of strategies to attack other people’s territory to obtain resources or defend their own territory to make themselves stronger. The combination of various gameplay and mechanisms in the game and a sustainable economic model encourages players to invest in the game for a long time and makes the game community ecology healthier.

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Land of Conquest – Best Blockchain Game

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