Galaxy Arena- Best Blockchain Game

Galaxy Arena- Best Blockchain Game

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The metaverse is the next step in the development of the internet and the hub of the Web 3.0 era. Galaxy Arena is poised to become a leading state of the art metaverse HUB that will seamlessly help transition the world of live events , attractions ,VR experiences and businesses forever by bridging the gap between virtual and reality and offer a simple Web 2.0 to 3.0 solution.

30.000 square meters of explorable digital space divided into 6 action packed floors with the arena at its focal point. Every floor will have its own unique amenities, attractions, functionalities and experiences.

A state of the art facility that provides an array of interactive virtual reality health and fitness movement mini-games This is the first Move to Earn game in VR, where players can stay fit and get paid

Standing alongside the arena and the gym, the Galaxy Tower is a marvel on its own. While the top floor is reserved for our Sky lounge social nightclub & celestial casino, the rest of the tower will include a collection of 20,000 unique NFT units

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Galaxy Arena- Best Blockchain Game

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