Playneta Studio - Game Developer

Playneta Studio - Game Developer

Founded in 2015 in Cyprus, Playneta Studio is a blockchain, indie game development company.

It has developed numerous blockchain games since its inception. Cryptobot is the latest blockchain NFT game the studio has developed.

The game is in its final stages of development and will be launched soon.

The studio specializes in the game development of mobile platforms like iOS & Android, and social networks such as Facebook, VKontakte & Odnoklassniki. It has a staggering more than 100 million users, leading the way for P2E games to become a metaverse. The well-experienced game development team of the studio is truly professional and believes in hard work and innovation. The team is passionate about creating accurate, high-standard, and fun-filled games that not only bring entertainment but also produce earnings for the users. Moreover, the studio focuses on developing blockchain NFT games based on the GameFi format.


Playneta Studio - Video Game Developer - Review

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