Aotouverse- Best Play To Earn Game

Aotouverse- Best Play To Earn Game

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Aotouverse . Aotuverse was born out of the AOTU franchise’s flagship title ‘AotuWorld’, released on 3rd June 2020. With over 2 years of operation, 15 million+ downloads, and 140,000+ daily active users, AotuWorld represented the gamified version of China’s second-biggest anime.

As a highly competitive fast-paced mobile strategy RPG that features a wide variety of characters, in-game items, and cosmetics, the transition of Aotu World into Aotuverse

is natural. Unlike the traditional gaming industry, where virtual gaming items are locked in custodian servers, blockchain gaming can enable games such as Aotu World

to grant true digital ownership of their ‘virtual items’ by minting them as Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain!

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Aotouverse- Best Play To Earn Game

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